Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting


FIR 101: Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting 40 Hour Basic

Credits 3
This 40 hour course covers fundamental training required by the FAA as described in FAR 139.319. The course includes fire fighting equipment, aircraft types, engines, systems, live fires, fire fighting operations, fire fighter safety, extinguishing agents, and disaster planning. Practical fire fighting involving flammable fuel, laddering/extraction and Self contained Breathing Apparatus using an actual aircraft. Students are provided with the opportunity to utilize state of the art technology, equipment and techniques. Instruction begins in the classroom and evolves in the practical training exercises on various aircraft related topics. This course will prepare a student to receive a certificate of completion from Big Bend Community College and the Federal Administration.

FIR 104: ARFF Officer Development

Credits 1
This airport, rescue firefighting officer development course covers strategic and tactical considerations in a hands-on, live-fire ground environment, as well as leadership training.