SCI 101: Survey of Science

Credits 5
An introduction to and survey of the natural sciences of astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, and physics.

SCI 104: Math for Science and Engineering

Credits 2
Math concepts heavily used by science and engineering coursework are covered. Topics will include (but not limited to): unit conversions, scientific notation, right angle trigonometry, logarithms and exponents, applications of linear graphs, vectors, and significant figures. All topics will be covered with an emphasis on applications within the sciences.

SCI 105: Introduction to the History of Science

Credits 5

This course is a survey course designed to give the student a basic understanding of the history of science from the Ancient Greeks to the present through the lens of the discoveries and scientific personalities that shaped its development.  Students will examine the connections between science and the humanities and come to appreciate that science is not done in a vacuum, but has consequences for wider society.  Through a series of written projects and examinations, the students will learn fundamental facts and theories of science as well as how to study and analyze them using the methodologies and techniques of both history and science.  Course is cross-listed with HIST 105 and students cannot earn credit for both