PEH 106: Theory of Fastpitch Softball

Degree Code
Specified Elective
Credits 3 Lecture Hours 22 Lab Hours 22
A practical course relating to the coaching aspect of fastpitch softball. Emphasis is placed on teaching/coaching strategies, the body mechanics of the athlete, evaluation methods, and the organization of a fastpitch softball program.
Quarters Offered
Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to demonstrate the following knowledge or skills:

  1. Develop a fastpitch softball program.
  2. Define the various roles of a coach.
  3. Design a functional offseason/in season conditioning program.
  4. Describe and explain the components of a successful defense and offense.
  5. Develop successful defensive and offensive strategies.
Course Content Outline
  1. Designing a Conditioning Program
  2. Skill Development of the Athlete
  3. Defensive Systems
  4. Offensive Systems
  5. Principles of a Team
  6. Implementing a Program
Department Guidelines
PO5 should be assessed: Students will be able to solve problems by gathering, interpreting, combining and/or applying information from multiple sources.