MA Certificate of Achievement

The MA Certificate of Achievement as well as the AAS degree prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to obtain an entry level position as a national and state certified Medical Assistant.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • IO1 Communication
    Demonstrate clear, effective communications with patients members of the healthcare team in a variety of structured settings
  • IO 2Quantitative Reasoning
    Students will be able to reason mathematically using methods appropriate to the profession
  • IO3 Human Relations/Workplace Skills
    Demonstrate professional attitude and behavior when caring for patients and collaborating with other health care professionals at all times.
  • PO4 Demonstrate cultural competency when caring for patients
  • PO5 Prioritize, organize, and complete assignments in a timely manner as directed by the delegator
  • PO6 Demonstrate delegated skills and procedures

The following schedule of courses is the recommended program for completing this certificate. See an MA program advisor for substitute courses.

Total Credits