Associate in Applied Science-Transfer

Manufacturing & Process Technology (Maintenance Emphasis) AAS-T

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • IO1 Communication
    Communicate effectively and respectfully using verbal, written, and computer skills
  • IO2 Quantitative Reasoning
    Students will be able to reason mathematically using methods appropriate to the profession
  • IO3 Human Relations/Workplace Skills
    Students will be able to demonstrate teamwork and/or workplace specific skills related to human relations.
  • PO4 Conduct measurements, analyze and interpret data, and propose methods for resolving problems
  • PO5 Assist with the research, planning, and completion of projects, with consideration for processes, budgets, material, and time
  • PO6 Draft, modify, and/or interpret technical drawings

The following schedule of courses is the recommended program for completing this degree. See a program advisor for specific courses needed for an emphasis in Maintenance or in Critical Missions.

Total Credits