IST 102: Technical Drawing Interpretation

Credits 3 Lecture Hours 22 Lab Hours 22
Fundamental technical drawing, reading and sketching principles, concepts and standards as applied to industry. GTE Dual Credit available.
Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to demonstrate the following knowledge or skills:

  1. Visualize multi-view drawings from various industrial disciplines.
  2. Sketch simple multi-view and pictorial drawings.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of drawing nomenclature, symbols, notes and abbreviations.
  4. Read and describe drawing data pertaining to dimensioning, tolerance and surface finish techniques as used on mechanical, architectural, manufacturing, electrical, piping, welding, and installation drawings.
Institutional Outcomes
IO1 Communication: Students will be able to communicate clearly and effectively within a workplace context
Course Content Outline
An introduction to industrial drawings and prints
  1. The Orthographic System
  2. The Alphabet of lines
  3. Arrangement of views
  4. Visualization
    1. Multiview, Pictorial Drawings
  5. Sketching
    1. Multiview, Pictorial Drawings
  6. Sectional Views
  7. Dimensioning, tolerance, surface finishes
  8. Threads and fasteners
  9. Title block information
    1. Revisions, scale
  10. Types of drawings
    1. Mechanical
    2. Architectural
    3. Manufacturing
    4. Electrical
    5. Piping
    6. Survey
    7. Mapping
    8. Schematic
    9. Welding
    10. Installation
  11. Symbols, notes, abbreviations, details, referencing
  12. Reading industrial drawings