State Early Childhood Education Certificate of Achievement

Program and Certificate Learning Outcomes:

  • IO1 Communication
    Students will be able to communicate clearly and effectively within a workplace context
  • IO2 Quantitative Reasoning
    Students will be able to reason mathematically using methods appropriate to the profession
  • IO3 Human Relations/Workplace Skills
    Establish, implement, evaluate and analyze an early care and education setting (Program Planning and Development)
  • PO4 Describe how children acquire language and creative expression and develop physically, cognitively and socially (Child Growth and Development)
  • PO5 Establish an environment that provides learning experiences to meet children’s needs, abilities and interests (Curriculum and Learning Environment)
  • PO8 Establish and maintain an environment that ensures children’s safety, health, and nourishment (Health, Safety, Nutrition)
  • PO9 Establish supportive relationships with children and guide them as individuals and as part of a group (Interactions)
Total Credits