Customer Service Associate Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement is designed to provide recognition for the student who does not plan to complete an AAS degree program. Upon completion of the following options, the student will earn a Certificate of Achievement from BBCC.

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • IO1 Communication
    Students will write, speak, and present information effectively by creating professional documents that would be used in an office or medical office environment.
  • IO2 Quantitative Reasoning
    Students will be able to reason mathematically using methods appropriate to the profession
  • IO3 Human Relations/Workplace Skills
    Students will be able to demonstrate teamwork, professionalism, and/or workplace specific skills.
  • PO4 Students will identify the interpersonal and ethical attributes needed for success in the profession by developing a professional portfolio and/or successfully completing a mock Interview with industry professionals.
  • PO5 Students will develop proficient Microsoft Office techniques by creating professional business documents while meeting an 85% competency level.

Required Courses

Course Code
Sub-Total Credits
Total Credits