Veterans Services

BBCC academic programs of study are approved by the Washington Student Achievement Council’s State Approving Agency (WSAC/SAA) for enrollment of persons eligible to receive educational benefits under Title 38 and Title 10 USC. Selected programs of study at BBCC are approved by the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board’s State Approving Agency (WTECB/ SAA) for enrollment of those eligible to receive benefits under Title 38 and Title 10, USC.

BBCC does not and will not provide any commission, bonus, or other incentive payment based directly or indirectly on success in securing enrollment or financial aid to any persons or entities engaged in any student recruiting or admissions activities or in making decisions regarding the award of student financial assistance.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will pay educational benefits to eligible students enrolled in approved degree programs at BBCC. Students eligible for VA educational benefits must apply for benefits and receive program approval. Depending upon eligibility, the Department of Veterans Affairs will determine the number of months, and monthly amount of benefits for each applicant. The monthly amount is based upon the enrolled credits that count toward the approved program.

Enrollment status is- Fall-Spring and 7+ for Summer:

  • Full Time = 12 credits or more
  • 3/4 Time = 9 through 11 credits
  • 1/2 Time = 6 through 8 credits
  • Less than 1/2 Time = 5 or fewer credits

If a student withdraws from a class during a quarter and this reduces the certified enrollment status, the Department of Veterans Affairs may bill the student for repayment of the difference from the beginning of the quarter, unless there are mitigating circumstances as approved by the VA. This same situation may occur if a student does not complete all enrolled variable credits resulting in a reduced enrollment status. Students approved for VA benefits must contact the VA certifying official, after registering for classes each quarter, to assure proper certification.

VA recipients are responsible for providing the necessary information to the Veterans certifying official, to be informed and in compliance with the Minimum Standards of Progress requirements, and to initiate any changes in program.

The VA pays monthly allowances and book stipend benefits directly to the student for all Post-911 veterans up to their percentage of eligibility. All other veteran students should allow for the initial startup time and have their own funds to register and pay for books and supplies. The VA pays BAH (monthly allowance and book stipend) benefits directly to the student. Students usually receive their BAH early in the month for the preceding month.

All veterans are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Financial aid can help lower the cost of a Big Bend Community College education. Your eligibility will be calculated using the federal and state financial aid regulations based on the information submitted on the FAFSA. Awards may consist of any combination of grants, loans and/or work study. Receipt of VA educational benefits will not affect your eligibility for financial aid.

For additional information and assistance, contact the Veterans certifying official, located in the Financial Aid Office in the Student Administrative Support Services Department, located in the Building 1400 or call 509.793.2088 or 509.793.2061

Minimum Standards of Progress for Veterans and Other Eligible Persons

There are two elements of Satisfactory Academic Progress measurement, Credits and Grade Point Average. Veterans and other eligible persons must maintain a 2.00 quarterly grade point average to graduate in their approved degree program. VA recipients who fail to maintain minimum standards of progress during any quarter enrolled will be subject to VA probation/cancellation of benefits. Depending upon enrollment status, the following requirements apply:

If your enrollment status is: You must complete You will be on VA Probation if you complete Your benefits will be canceled if your cumulative GPA is less than 1.0 or you complete less than
Full Time 12 credits/quarter 6-11 credits/quarter 5 credits/quarter
¾ Time 9 credits/quarter 6-8 credits/quarter 5 credits/quarter
½ Time 5 credits/quarter 3-5 credits/quarter 5 credits/quarter

Minimum standards of progress for less than 1/2 time enrollment requires completion of all credits enrolled and at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average in their next quarter of attendance or their VA benefits will be canceled. Failure to do so will result in probation the next quarter enrolled. VA benefits will be canceled any quarter that no credits are completed.

Students who are on probation must complete the required credits for their enrollment status and maintain at least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average or their VA benefits will be canceled and the VA informed accordingly.

Only numerical grades of 0.7 to 4.0 and the letter grade “P” will count toward completed credits. Grades of 0.0, “I,” “N,” and “W” do not count toward completed credits and do not meet minimum standards of progress requirements.

The Department of Veterans Affairs will not pay a person to repeat a course except when “F” or 0.0 grades are received for courses required for graduation.

Students cannot be certified to the VA as re-enrolled in a course in which an incomplete grade was received unless an incomplete has been converted to a final grade that is unacceptable for graduation.

If there is a change in the number of credits completed or grade point, the probation/cancellation status of the student may be changed. If so, previous action for the quarter may be voided. Please contact certifying official for re-evaluation.

A student whose benefits have been canceled for not making minimum standards of progress may be reinstated if the student submits a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal to the Veterans certifying official.