MUSC 134: Group Guitar

Class Program
Degree Code
Humanities Performance/Skill
Credits 2 Lecture Hours 11 Lab Hours 22
This course provides students with an interactive approach to the fundamentals of playing the guitar. Each students playing aptitude will be accommodated with different options within a unified set of goals. It will include reading tablature and standard notation, introducing chords and solo pieces using a variety of techniques, and provide an overview of basic guitar care and maintenance. This course may be repeated for up to six credits.
Quarters Offered
Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to demonstrate the following knowledge or skills:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to read and create sound from basic music notation including traditional melodic notation, chord symbols, and tablature by performing in solo and group settings.
  2. Exhibit comprehension of basic music theory through study and practice.
  3. Demonstrate proper guitar playing technique through practice and performance.
  4. Display knowledge of a breadth of musical types, styles, time periods, and cultures by creating liner notes for their personal performances.
  5. Utilize critical thinking skills through evaluation of student and professional performances.
Course Content Outline
  1. Guitar Fundamentals
    1. Parts of the Guitar
    2. Proper Maintenance
    3. Strings, Frets, and Tuning
    4. Body and Hand Position
  2. Reading Guitar Music
    1. Fingerboard Diagrams
    2. Standard Notation
    3. Rhythm
    4. TABS
  3. Notes in First Position
    1. E,F,G
    2. B,C,D
    3. G,A
    4. Sharps (F# and C#)
    5. D,E,F
    6. B-flat
    7. E,F,G
  4. Chords in First position
    1. C major, G major, D major
    2. E minor, A minor, D minor
  5. Power Chords
    1. 2 String Power Chords
    2. 3 String power Chords
  6. Right Hand Technique
    1. Strumming Patterns
    2. Picking
    3. Fingerstyle
    4. Muting
  7. Barre Chords
    1. F (Mini barre chord)
    2. Major shape barre chords
    3. Minor shape barre chords
  8. Techniques
    1. Slides
    2. Hammer-on
    3. Pull-off
    4. Bend
    5. Harmonics
  9. Scales
    1. Pentatonic (soloing on pentatonic)
    2. Major
    3. Minor
    4. Blues
Department Guidelines
PO4 should be assessed: Students will be able to recognize or articulate personal/interpersonal aspects of, or connections between, diverse cultural, social, or political contexts.