MUSC 114: Mariachi Workshop

Class Program
Degree Code
Humanities Performance/Skill
Credits 3 Lecture Hours 11 Lab Hours 44
Through a variety of learning experiences students will be introduced to traditional Mexican Mariachi music. Through reading, listening, singing and playing, students will experience, discover, explore and create music from this rich musical heritage. Students will work as a group in a supervised workshop environment to develop vocal and instrumental performing skills. May be repeated for credit.
Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to demonstrate the following knowledge or skills:

  1. Explore the origins and the elements of the Mariachi tradition.
  2. Sing different dance-song forms.
  3. Read music for voice and various instruments.
  4. Play one of the instruments of the Mariachi tradition.
  5. Work together to prepare quarterly performances.
  6. Study new musical pieces each quarter.
Course Content Outline
  1. Traditional Mexican Musical Heritage
  2. Origins of Mariachi Music
    1. Poetic themes
  3. The Mariachi Musical Style Today
    1. Performances
    2. Festivals
    3. Recordings
    4. Education
  4. The techniques of Mariachi
    1. Vocal
    2. Instruments: violin; trumpet; guitar; guitarrón, vihuela
    3. Folklórico and Mexican dance
  5. Reading music
  6. The musical forms of Mariachi
    1. The son
    2. The ranchera
    3. The bolero
    4. The huapango
    5. The polka
Department Guidelines

Grading will be based upon a percentage of a total number of points earned during the quarter.
Students will be evaluated on attendance, participation, cooperation, and individual musical progress.
Students will keep a practice record/log book of their work.
Students will take quizzes and exams on the history and development of Mariachi music.
PO4 should be assessed: Students will be able to recognize or articulate personal/interpersonal aspects of, or connections between, diverse cultural, social, or political contexts.