MUSC 100: Introduction to Music

Class Program
Degree Code
Humanities Lecture
Credits 5 Lecture Hours 55
A survey course for non-majors. Introduction to the materials of music and world music literature, with a special emphasis on the literature, composers and history of the Western European Art Music tradition.
Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to demonstrate the following knowledge or skills:

  1. Acquaint the student with basic musical elements so that the student increases his or her appreciation and understanding of all types of music
  2. Develop new habits and skills in listening and musical perception.
Course Content Outline
  • Musical Materials
    1. Elements
    2. Instruments
    3. Performing Forces
  • Physical and Psychological Properties of Music
    1. Physics of Sound
    2. Musical Perception
    3. Aesthetics
  • Musical Styles and Representative Composers (Western)
    1. Music Before 1600
    2. Baroque Music
    3. Classical Music
    4. Romantic Music
    5. 20th Century Music
    6. Popular Music
  • Ethnic Music
    1. Music of the Far East
    2. Music of the Near East
    3. Music of Latin America
    4. Music of Africa
    5. Music of Europe
    6. Music of the United States
  • Keyboard Experience
Department Guidelines

Attendance, quizzes, mid-term, final exam, concert report, oral report.
PO4 should be assessed: Students will be able to recognize or articulate personal/interpersonal aspects of, or connections between, diverse cultural, social, or political contexts.