Letter from the President

Dr. Sara Thompson Tweedy

Welcome to Big Bend Community College (BBCC)!

As our vision states, we want to be our community’s first choice to dream, learn, and succeed. We take our commitment to student success seriously. Our mission is to serve as a bridge, stand as a leader and support for success. In fulfillment of that mission, we have carefully designed academic and workforce education programs as well as other structured support such as financial assistance, counseling, and tutoring, and access to food and emergency supplies. Students can also reach out to student services professionals virtually and in-person for guidance and support. Big Bend faculty offer classes virtually, in-person, as well as in a “hybrid” model—a mix of virtual and in-person. In addition to academic and support services. These class offerings allow for students with work, family, and other responsibilities to make progress towards their degree. Big Bend also offers opportunities for students to engage with one another through ASB student programs and events as well as through our athletic programs.  

The 2023-24 Course Catalog is a resource designed to familiarize you with Big Bend. Know that we are here for you and our sincerest desire is your success! 

All the best in your educational pursuits! 

Dr. Thompson Tweedy Signature

Dr. Sara Thompson Tweedy
President of Big Bend Community College