Japanese Agricultural Training Program

CarlaLouise Christian

Initiated in 1966, the Japanese Agricultural Training Program is jointly sponsored by the Japan Agricultural Exchange Council and the BBCC Foundation. The JATP represents a continuing effort, not only to improve agriculture in Japan, but also to promote greater understanding between Japan and the United States. Over 5000 trainees have attended BBCC as part of the Japanese Agricultural Training Program. Trainees come to the United States for a 19-month training experience, spending approximately 5 total months in school and 14 months of work training on the farm. BBCC provides Phase I Institutional Training for all trainees. Upon arrival in the U.S., trainees spend approximately 9 weeks at BBCC where they are instructed in English as a Second Language (ESL) and an introduction to American culture and American agriculture.

Following instruction at BBCC, the trainees are placed on farms for approximately 14 months. Trainees are assigned to farms throughout the United States, where they work toward developing expertise in their chosen agricultural career specialty. Phase II Institutional Training takes place following the farm work/training experience. Trainees spend approximately 9 weeks at a U.S. college or university, receiving specialized agricultural instruction.

The Japanese Agricultural Trainees provide all of the financial support for this program.