Credit by Examination

In addition to standardized tests for specific course credits, students may obtain college credit for courses listed in the current catalog by passing an examination in that course, and/or demonstrating to the department concerned that both content and method have been mastered adequately. This process does not include visiting or auditing a class followed by a request for a special examination as a means of acquiring credit. This privilege is intended to evaluate informal and/or comparable educational experiences that may be the equivalent of organized class work.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The student obtains approval from the course instructor, advisor, and Admissions/Registration staff. Contact the instructor for the Course Challenge Approval form.
  2. After approval, the student pays the required fee at the Business Office.
  3. After showing the receipt to the instructor, the student may proceed with the exam. The time of giving the exam is a matter for mutual convenience between the instructor and the student.
  4. After completing the exam, the instructor submits the completed form, including the grade awarded, to the Admissions/Registration Office.


A maximum of 22 credits awarded by examination of any type will be allowed toward an associate degree. Each division has different policies for which, if any, classes can be given credit by examination. Check with the division chair for details.