AVIO& 102: Aircraft Electronic Fundamentals

Credits 8
Fundamentals, troubleshooting, and experiments with fundamental aircraft electronics; diodes; power supplies; rectifiers; voltage regulators; transistors; amplifiers; oscillators and multivibrator circuits; latches and flip-flops; transmitters; synchro systems; gyroscopes.

AVIO& 103: Aircraft Wiring Systems

Credits 2
Fundamentals, troubleshooting, and repair of aircraft wiring, including acceptable standards for visual, electrical, and mechanical quality.

AVIO 101: Aircraft Electrical Fundamentals

Credits 8
Fundamentals, troubleshooting, and experiments of aircraft electrical circuits; safety practices; electrostatic devices; metric notation; voltage, current, resistors and measurements, switches, fuses, and circuit breakers; tools for troubleshooting, including multimeters and oscilloscopes; magnetism and electromagnetic principles and calculations; relays and meters; Ohm’s and Kirchhoff’s Laws; circuits; electrical generators, inductors, filters, and capacitors; resistance and reactance; transformers; batteries; motors.