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Anthropology courses may be taken as part of the Associate in Arts and Science DTA degree. These courses may be used toward the Social Science Breadth requirement or for Specified or General Elective credit. Students seeking Associate in Arts and Science DTA degree should refer to the catalog section “Degrees & Certificates” for a detailed description of the degree, its program outcomes, and courses that will satisfy degree requirements.

Anthropology is the study of humankind. This broad field includes the study of human biological origins, evolution, diversity, and nature, as well as the study of the origin, evolution, diversity, and nature of human cultural and social life. Anthropology represents an attempt to grasp and celebrate the whole context of human experience, including all people, from all cultures, across all time. Among the career possibilities in anthropology are: archaeology, education, social work, Foreign Service, and governmental agency work.

Since programs differ at each college, students should consult program outlines published by the college or university to which they intend to transfer. Students should prepare their quarterly schedules with the assistance of an advisor knowledgeable in this transfer area.


ANTH& 100: Survey of Anthropology

Credits 5
An introduction to anthropology with a primary focus on cultural diversity of the human experience. The course surveys four subfields of Anthropology including sociobiology, anthropological linguistics, cultural anthropology, and applied anthropology. Major themes addressed throughout the course include cultural relativity, ethnocentrism, cultural change, the conflict between “foreign” anthropologist and “native” peoples, the role of anthropology in modern society, and anthropology as a “personal lens” of change. Students will complete a two part “field study”, become familiar with The HRAF (human relations area file - a major electronic data base in Anthropology), and learn potential applications of becoming an anthropologist. There are no prerequisites. Strongly recommended completion of MATH 094/M AP 117 or a higher placement and completion of ENGL 098 or a higher placement.