AGR 120: Intro to Precision Agriculture

Class Program
Credits 5 Lecture Hours 33 Lab Hours 44
This course provides an overview of the fundamentals of precision agriculture. Specifically covering Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, data analysis, mapping, and variable rate agriculture technologies. Course concepts will be applied and reinforced through laboratory instruction.
Quarters Offered
Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to demonstrate the following knowledge or skills:

  1. Explain the different technologies used for precision agriculture.
  2. Demonstrate use of precision agriculture equipment.
  3. Explain the principles of GPS and GIS
  4. Describe remote sensing and its application in precision agriculture.
  5. Analyze precision agriculture data.
  6. Define automation and its role in agriculture.
  7. Discuss the advantages and issues associated with precision agriculture..
Institutional Outcomes
IO3 Human Relations/Workplace Skills: Students will be able to demonstrate teamwork and/or workplace specific skills related to human relations
Course Content Outline
  1. Intro to Precision Agriculture
    1. History of Precision Agriculture
    2. Overview of Technologies
  2. GPS
  3. GIS
  4. Sensors and Sensing
    1. Real time sensors
  5. Precision Maps
  6. Automation
    1. Autonomous Equipment
  7. Data Analysis