Advising Maps

Advising maps for the AS-T degrees offered at BBCC are available on the BBCC Website.  You can find information on the Advising Maps for:

  • Biology AS-T Track I
  • Chemistry AS-T Track I
  • Engineering, Computer Science, or Physics AS-T Track II

AS-T Track 2 Pre-Engineering MRP degrees offered statewide include four pathways. 

  • Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering (BioE and ChemE) Pathway
  • Computer and Electrical Engineering (Comp E and EE) Pathway
  • Civil and Mechanical Engineering (CE and ME) Pathway
    • Note: This pathway includes Aeronautical, Environmental and Industrial Engineering.
  • Materials Science and Manufacturing Engineering (MSE and MFGE) Pathway

BBCC does not offer all of the courses required within these Pre-Engineering Major Related Pathway (MRP) pathways.  Students interested in one of these Pre-Engineering MRP pathways should see their advisor to develop an educational plan that would enable students to work toward one of the above listed MRPs. 

The advising map is helpful to prepare for advising and registration each quarter. Students should maintain an accurate record of courses completed and bring their advising map with them for advising appointments.

Many courses are designated within the AS-T Track 1 and AS-T Track 2 degrees. Refer to the distribution lists to help you choose the remaining classes within each distribution category that meet your educational goals and interests.  Refer to the Departments and Programs of Study pages for a sample schedule of courses. The full listing of courses in each discipline is found in the Course Description section of the catalog arranged in order by discipline. Refer to the Programs and Departments of Study Course Offerings/Course Schedule tables at the back of the catalog to determine which quarter each course will be taught. See a program advisor for specific courses.