ACCT 262: Introduction to QuickBooks®

Class Program
Credits 2 Lecture Hours 11 Lab Hours 22
This course offers an introduction to QuickBooks®, the nations leading accounting software package for small businesses. Basic functions and capabilities of the software will be reviewed in a hands-on environment. This course is designed for the student with little or no prior experience with QuickBooks®.


To enhance the learning experience, it is recommended that the student complete ACCT&201 OR have prior experience in business or accounting.
Quarters Offered
Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to demonstrate the following knowledge or skills:

  1. Create a new company file along with an appropriate chart of accounts.
  2. Record financial information in the company file using the appropriate functions.
  3. Edit the recorded company financial information using the appropriate functions.
  4. Prepare reports of the company financial information using the appropriate functions.
  5. Export company financial information to other appropriate computing software
Institutional Outcomes
IO1 Communication: Communicate the cumulative effect of business transactions by preparing basic financial statements
Course Content Outline
  1. Getting started in QuickBooks.
  2. Setting up QuickBooks.
  3. Working with lists.
  4. Working with bank accounts.
  5. Using other accounts in QuickBooks.
  6. Entering sales and invoices.
  7. Receiving payments and making deposits.
  8. Entering and paying bills.
  9. Analyzing financial data.
  10. Setting up inventory.
  11. Tracking and paying sales tax.
  12. Doing payroll with QuickBooks
Department Guidelines
The class syllabus must contain course learning outcomes, class environment/expectations/rules, evaluation/grading guidelines, and a disability services statement. A class schedule must be provided to students that contains content covered (text chapters, topics, etc.) and tentative test dates (to include final date/time). These documents should be reviewed with the ACCT Faculty at least one week prior to class start. If an LMS or software is used for the course, it must be approved by the ACCT Faculty.