Accommodation and Accessibility Services

BBCC complies with section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. BBCC is free from discrimination in the recruitment, administration, and treatment of students. The Accommodation and Accessibility Services (AAS) office at BBCC provides voluntary and confidential support services for students with documented disabilities in one or more of the following categories: Deaf/Hearing, Speech/Language, Blind/Visual, Neurological/Nervous System, Psychological/ Emotional, Mobility, Learning, Chronic/Acute Health, and Temporary/Other. To ensure maximum participation by all students with disabilities, the college will:

  • Provide programs and facilities that are accessible to all students with disabilities
  • Determine and implement reasonable accommodations that meet the individual needs of students with disabilities

Contact Information

  • The AAS office is located in the Administration Building (1400), Room 1473
  • The telephone number for the Coordinator of Accommodation and Accessibility Services is 509.793.2027. To schedule an appointment, call 509.793.2035 • Email:
  • A Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) is available in the Accommodation and Accessibility Services/ Counseling area, Room 1474, for incoming and outgoing calls. The TDD telephone number is 509.793.2325

Obtaining Services/Procedures

Requests for disability services are processed through the DSS office. We value a collaborative process with students as we work to determine and implement reasonable accommodations and services.

  • To begin the process, students need to contact the Coordinator of Accommodation and Accessibility Services to request services, provide information about prior use of accommodations and services in other settings, and discuss the likely impact of the disability on the student’s educational experience at BBCC.
  • The student will need to complete and submit an intake packet. Relevant documentation from external sources may also be requested to substantiate the disability and the student’s eligibility for requested accommodations and services.
  • Once the intake packet and requested documentation have been received, the student will meet with the Coordinator of Disability Services to discuss eligibility for services and accommodation requests. • The Coordinator of Accommodation and Accessibility Services will prepare a Letter of Accommodation (LOA). It is the student’s responsibility to provide instructors with the LOA and discuss how the accommodations will be implemented in the classroom. LOA’s need to be requested by the student each quarter. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor and the Coordinator of Accommodation and Accessibility Services if there are questions regarding the implementation of the approved accommodations. We will work collaboratively to ensure implementation.

Accessible Parking

Students, staff, and visitors who have a state-issued disabled parking permit may use the designated accessible parking spaces in BBCC parking lots. Those who have a temporary need for accessible parking may request a temporary disabled parking permit through the AAS or Campus Safety offices.

Disability Related Complaints

Students who have complaints regarding disability related issues should contact the Coordinator of Accommodation and Accessibility Services at 509.793.2027 or the Dean of Student Services at 509.793.2077. Complaint procedures are found in the student handbook under the Discrimination, Harassment, and/or Sexual Harassment section.